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BaseHit Instruction

Traveling Instructor for NW Ohio and SE Michigan

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To every baseball and softball player, just because it is the off-season still pick up a bat and swing!!! Please share some success stories and I will post them on the BaseHit Instruction website. Please send them to



Why your child may have difficulty hitting!!!

The average baseball/softball player practices hitting only 33 seconds per practice.  Find out what you can do to increase that time in your own backyard. Hitters don't practice enough.

Batting cages- a great way to practice hitting.

The debate continues over the need to see a "live" arm rather than a pitching machine in batting practice.  Remember the 33 seconds quoted earlier, what can you do to get more quality swings?  

Questions to ask yourself as a hitter!!

Have you heard these statements on a practice field or at a ball game?

"Get your back elbow up"

"Squash the bug with your back foot" 

We will discuss in YOUR lesson plan why these statements may not the best things to teach young players today.